A Prophecy Over My Life That I Cherish

Many people in this world go to clairvoyants to understand about their life and their future and this can be very attractive for people as everybody wish to have peace about their future. But a Christian can have a gift of prophecy and they can be used by God to bring a message from Him to a person. This is usually a personal message God gave me two years ago through a friend now it was very comforting to read and I thought I’d share it with you guys. God is real and he is personal and he wants to speak through prophets today and encourage h is people. Do you have the courage to get a prophet for a free of charge message off him?
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Prophecy from the daddy to Matthew
The fullness of My grace I have directed at you. The gift of My salvation belongs for you and daily I talk with you in words of endearment and with love. My precious child, whom I love much. Everyday will bring with it new trials, everyday provides with it new joy. Forever I’ll walk by your side and educate you on My ways in every that you do.
As you stand all on your own, you are never alone. As you stand as you, there are many by your side. I’ve given you help from every corner, I’ve made you strong and I’ll continue to cause you to stronger. I am with you even when you can find those that will choose to forsake you.
Am I not your Father who loves you like you’re my child? Have I not given you much? Do I not need to give you more? You who have been set apart and chosen by Me. You who carry My seal upon your life. My heart weeps at your sorrow and feels elation at your joy. Your triumphs bring Me pleasure and it is with Me that you’ll soar to heights that exceed your expectation. With abundant pleasure, I’ll raise you around confound the wisdom of man. It is in you that I seek to glorify Myself. It is with you that I desire to change nations. My child, who I enjoy.
There is not an instant in time that I will not do a work in you. Though I might down side to stretch you, I’m never so far away that you will not sense my presence. Have I not always been there for you personally? Have I not brought you words of comfort time and time again? Have I not poured my love out upon you day in and day trip? This can not cease, nor does it diminish.
I am a sovereign God, I am the Alpha and Omega, I’m the beginning and the finish. You were designed for Me and by Me. You’re Mine and you belong to Me. You have more potential than those around you believe is possible.
My son whom I love dearly. There is so much I still have to tell you and there’s so much you nevertheless still need to learn. It is in your closeness if you ask me that your heart will soar with joy. It is in My secret place that you will find contentment that you didn’t believe existed. My son, My child, I really like you. Such simple words that carry using them so much weight. When my Son died on that cross I died with Him. When He hung there and I could not look upon Him for all your sin, My heart broke. It breaks for you, with such longing I desire you. You are the one I elect to walk with. Though periodically the pain becomes unbearable I will never fail you, I will be with you always and together we shall change this nation and those beyond.